Are You Bipolar?

Most people experience mood swings in life. But a small minority of Americans are manic depressive, bipolar. They experience mood swings that are very extreme in nature. Bipolar is a debilitating illness that affects 2.6% of the United States population. The following article will help you determine if someone you love, or perhaps yourself, is afflicted with this mental health illness.

The most common symptom of bipolar disorder is extreme and unpredictable mood swings. Imagine winning the lottery and wishing you were dead. Or you go from happy to sad for no particular reason. Your emotions tend to not reflect your current situation. Even if you have a history of relationship problems that could be a sign that your not emotionally stable and might require medication to help correct this.

Another warning sign of bipolar disorder is cutting, or self mutilation. Stress from painful emotions can lead to dangerous and self-destructive behavior. Substance abuse is also common in people suffering from bipolar disorder. The drug of choice for most of these people is either alcohol or marijuana. Substance abuse is common because sufferers of this disorder try to self-medicate using what is available to them.

If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms, please seek further information. This is a very serious illness and it is misdiagnosed very often. A person with bipolar disorder can lead a productive life. Support from family and friends is crucial in helping someone cope with such a life altering condition. But the most important thing someone with bipolar can do is seek medical attention and develop a plan with a health care professional.