Could You Be Bipolar?

About two months ago I was diagnosed with bipolar syndrome. While this worried me I felt relieved… finally, an explanation for the constant emotional rollercoaster. Could you be suffering from this syndrome?

Most people have emotional ups and downs, but people that suffer from bipolar syndrome can't control these extreme emotional changes. One day you might feel extremely down, tired, despondent. Nothing seems to go right and the slightest problem leaves you feeling like nothing will be right again. The next day you might feel full of energy and creativity and might start acting a little reckless. Many that suffer from bipolar syndrome go on shopping sprees, embarrass themselves in public by doing things they wouldn't normally do, stay awake all night because they have too much energy… the list goes on.

Some that suffer from bipolar syndrome have such swings several times a day. Imagine that! Someone who is bipolar is both depressed and suffering from mania. These are some of the possible symptoms you could suffer:

This is how you might feel when you are "down":

  • You down or sad for no apparent reason.
    • You are losing interest in activities and things you used to enjoy.
    • You feel discouraged, guilty, or insignificant.
    • You sleep too much or can't sleep at all.
    • You gain or lose a lot of weight.
    • You have no energy and feel tired al the time.
    • You have problems making the smallest decisions or concentrating.
    • You think about killing yourself.

This is how you might feel when you are "up":

  • You have a lot of pent up energy.
    • You don't sleep as much.
    • Your mind jumps around and your thoughts are constantly racing.
    • You are very easily distracted.
    • You chatter a lot more than you used to.
    • You feel on top of the world.
    • You want to do everything at once but don't get anything done.
    • You do things you don't usually do that might be risky and out of character.

Along with these symptoms you might feel some more extreme ones. There are two types of Bipolar syndrome, Bipolar I and Bipolar II. The basic difference is that Bipolar I is more severe and might come with mania episodes that might land you in the hospital. When you suffer from Bipolar II, you can still function, although with more difficulty than someone that doesn't. Someone with Bipolar I could also suffer from hallucinations and psychotic episodes.

You don't need to feel bad enough to go to the hospital to believe you might suffer from bipolar syndrome. If you feel your ups and downs are making your life more difficult than it should be, consult a therapist. The evaluation usually takes about an hour and then you will most likely be referred to a Psychiatrist for further evaluation and possible treatment with prescription drugs.

Don't let another day pass without knowing for sure. If you strongly suspect your emotions are taking you for a ride, why should you continue suffering?