How to Cope with the Effects of Bipolar Disorder

In recent years the number of people affected by the mood altering disorder known as bipolar is on the rise. More and more people, including television stars, are coming forward and saying they have been under treatment or have been diagnosed with this disorder. With that in mind, people really needs to understand what this disorder really is. Bipolar disorder has been long thought of as a dangerous disorder and many people get terrified when they find out that someone has it. My own personal experiences will hopefully show you that with proper treatment and therapy, bipolar disorder is not as bad as many people tend to believe it is.

Bipolar disorder has two different phases. The first phase is the manic phase. This phase causes people to lash out, at times for no reason, and the anger expressed with this lashing out can at times be uncontrollable. In this stage, people need to understand that getting angry with that person is not always the best thing to do. People act towards anger in different ways. But with people who have bipolar disorder and are suffering from this manic phase of the disease, they will act more aggressive towards the anger of another person. Comfort is the best way of dealing with this phase of this disorder. By comforting the person and showing them that you understand what they are going through, it will slowly calm them down.The second phase of bipolar disorder is known as the depressive phase. In this phase, the person will have uncontrollable moods of depression. When asked whats wrong, they will not even know what is wrong with them. In this phase comfort is also the best cure for the depression.

There are many different types of medications on the market for the treatment of bipolar disorder. A good mental health professional will be able to prescribe these types of medications to their patients. Don’t get discouraged because one medication is not controlling the depression and anger. It may take several different types of medications or a combination of medications to control the disorder. There is no cure at this time for bipolar disorder. The medications that are prescribed by a mental health professional will only calm the anger and depression and will not completely take it all away.

Therapy is also a good way of dealing with bipolar disorder. Although most people don’t like talking in front of a group of people, one on one therapy will help tremendously by relieving some of the stress of everyday life. The biggest therapy that can be given though is at home. Whether your a spouse, mother, daughter, father or a friend, your support is the most important thing to the person who is suffering from the bipolar disorder.