What it's Like for Me to Be Bipolar

People often look at me as having a deathly disease when I tell them that I have bipolar disorder. They look shocked because I don't show any signs of being out of the ordinary. I don't take medication and I rarely show that I even have something wrong with me! So how does this disorder affect my life? It honestly doesn't.

I found out I had this disorder when I was fairly young. Apparently when I was a small child, my guardians were concerned about certain behaviors I would portray around other children. I would sometimes be fine one minute and be completely sad or angry the next. It baffled my aunt and uncle, so they took me to the doctor. The doctor then told them that I was born with bipolar disorder. Sometimes I'll have certain outbursts and mood swings out of nowhere.

Throughout the years of being completely normal, I come to find that bipolar disorder doesn't affect my life at all. I don't take medication because this is who I am. Why would I want to change something that is meant for me to experience? I'm so glad I got to write something like this. I want people to know that having this type of disorder doesn't mean that I'm not able to take care of myself, or seriously incapable of being with other people without causing a scene. People watch too much television and think that when someone has a disease or some sort of other disorder they are completely inadequate to communicating normally with others who don't have this disease.

Honestly, the only symptoms I have are slight mood swings every now and then. Bipolar disorder has done hardly anything noticeable at all for me, quite frankly. I have the ability to be sad when I'm supposed to be, be happy when I'm supposed to be, etc. I know it may sound strange, but I can pretty much control how I am suppose to feel, so nothing seems out of the ordinary. If you have any questions about being bipolar or how people like me deal with it, you can do your research online or ask someone who may have it. Just a warning however, you may be surprised who does have bipolar disorder. Your best friend could even be bipolar, you never know!