Manage your own manic episodes

One little benefit manic disorder can give you is that you can control it. If you’re someone with mania, you sure know how you tend to have lots of manic energy. The good thing is… you can channel the excess energy to monitor what you feel and how you feel.

With this information, you can now use your energy to calm yourself down and reduce it. The power of mind is always greater even in your manic attacks. You must think and learn to monitor yourself so in time, you will be able to efficiently manage your mania.

But there are points to remember to be able to successfully do this. At the onset of a manic episode, you should catch it while it is mild. Naturally, the more manic you get, the harder it is to keep calm and the lesser you want to be calm.

Relax. Isolate. And Keep quiet.

You have to accept that any manic sign is a bad thing. Although it will make you feel good and superior on any situation, having it is not okay. Being able to manage it is not a treatment. Rather, it is a way of allowing yourself to manage your own manic and to keep you from being involved in arguments and other silly acts.

You only do this on a manic episode. Living a normal life with no manic disorder is a different thing. Managing it will give you an immediate solution on how to deal with the problem once it occurs. And again, stopping it will require you to constantly monitor your mood. Once you catch yourself with manic attacks, stop these.

Stop an argument. Stop shouting. Stop physical violence. Stop spending money. Stop driving. Stop making important decisions.

Know that in the end, once you learn how to completely control these episodes, you will become more productive. And that’s what matters most.